Miss a deserted

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The night was like a thoughtful yearning, which surrounded the whole world. The night wind sprinted for the incomplete love network without scruple, and everything gradually fell apart. From that day on, without you, I fell in love with insomnia. I made a lie by forgetting to deceive every sleepless night. The bed is always cold; The quilt is always pleated and wrinkled; The hand always wants to hold you; The heart always leaves a name without trace. Looking at the computer quietly, tapping the messy keyboard; Sitting quietly on the bed, thinking of the kind name. That name, that face, that turn, that wave, throw me in the place coldly. With the afterglow of the light, tears can also reflect the rainbow color, quietly rendering sadness. Happiness is like an hourglass, whether it is accumulating bit by bit or passing bit by bit. Cherish is like the fog all over the sky, covering our eyes, moving back or forward, losing or owning, between a thought. When time slips away from your fingers, you say it can comfort everyone’s heart, but I still stand at the origin and forget that the story is rewritten by time, he is the person you are thinking about now. The happy past makes me miss a name that has been abandoned. The night was really too long. It condensed into Frost, freezing my thoughts. I wanted to melt, but it lingered. At that night, you and I climbed to the 17th floor, watching the colorful street lamps set off the prosperity of the whole city. This night, I thought blankly, missing a deserted name. This is love, passion, vision and hope. That part is ruthless, cruel, escape, and leave. Once, I thought that sincerity could protect a devout persistence. Once, I thought that love was very simple. Once, I thought that the naive simplicity that others said was a kind of happiness. Nowadays, I miss the quiet and lonely, the deserted name and the charming smiling face. The mobile phone lay beside me quietly, and the computer screen reflected my pale face. The blood in the left atrium stopped running, full of Acacia, a name abandoned by her own hands.

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