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[Introduction] Sister Lin, I really miss you! You know, my heart belongs to you. I always fight against the family ethics, and I always oppose the Golden and Jade Love. But I dare not violate my parents’ orders or the words of the media. In other words, what can I do if I violate them? The beauty is shallow and the beauty is jealous, the fate of gold and jade is determined by God; The tears shed on Xiang Zhu, and the eyebrows of the case are difficult to be peaceful. Reading A Dream of Red Mansions, Dai Yu, the head of the twelve golden hairpins, feels that recently, when the spring is cold, it is like an ice knife, and the face is painful, and the person who scrapes is distressed. Today, I am still in a whimsy manner, not willing to leave. I am still holding the light snow and splashing the whimsy rain in the air from time to time, which solidifies the Willow ears that have just sprouted, and makes the flower buds that have just blossomed fade. Seeing this weather reminded me of Lin Daiyu and the poem in the song of Burying Flowers by Daiyu: the incense nest has been built in March, and the swallow between Liang is too ruthless! Although the flower hair can be pecked next year, it is not a Taoist to go to the empty nest. Year san bai liu shi day, inclement weather strict mutually force. Reading sister Lin’s “The Song of Burying Flowers”, I didn’t realize that tears had been pouring out. I wailed for her illness like the beauty of Xi Zi who was better than three points. I wailed for the true feelings that she only cried for her whole life, I was wailed by the sadness of her red fragrance and who was pitiful, I was wailed by the talent of her full of poems and books, and I gave birth to her wings under the threat of her willing slaves, I wailed from the dream of flying to the end of the sky with flowers. Reading sister Lin’s song of Burying Flowers, let me take you into Baoyu’s inner world and say to you: Sister Lin, I really miss you sister Lin, I really miss you! You know? Although I am a Childe, I seem to have met you before! You are the Yiren in my dream, and the marriage between you and me was already doomed five hundred years ago. I love you, but I don’t want you to cry. I just want to have you, let you have a happy mood, let you have a happy life, and give you a happy life. Sister Lin, I really miss you! You know? In the Grand View Garden, although there are charming and rich Xue Baochai, romantic and charming Shi Xiangyun, Jia Tanchun with the essence of literary and colorful, beautiful and agile people, Qingwen and Xue Baoqin and other flowers competing with each other, but I only love sister Lin this rose, do you know? However, by the bridge, there are three thousand weak waters. I only take a gourd of water to drink. I am just a brother and sister with them! Sister Lin, I really miss you! You are cautious at ordinary times, dare not to step further, and keep the behavior of your family; Under your weak appearance, you have a strong heart and a loving heart. You usually use your intelligence to protect your marriage, and you use your body which is like a weak Willow to fight against fate. Your jealousy is also because you love me. You are worried that your ancestors will treat Xiren and Qingwen as my concubine. You are worried that the Golden and Jade Love will really happen. What you can do, you try your best to do it, you cry the last drop of tears, and you have not recovered the perfect love. Sister Lin, I really miss you! You know, my heart belongs to you. I always fight against the family ethics, and I always oppose the Golden and Jade Love. But I dare not violate my parents’ orders or the words of the media. In other words, what can I do if I violate them? I didn’t exchange your life in the end. I didn’t bring you happiness. What I gave you was the heartbreaking Flower Bridge to welcome you, but what I gave you was Sister Lin, whose life was withered with tears, you know? I love you, so I respect you. I usually play and make fun of people like Xiren and Qingwen, which is just fun. But when I came to you, I didn’t dare to amuse you. I was afraid of making you angry or making you sad. I didn’t forget my sister as you said, but now do you know? You are still in my heart, I still miss you and respect you, but now you have done it, but I am still doing it, but I don’t know when to make you satisfied? Thinking of this, I said, “don’t respect each other’s thoughts, and this is also the highest level of love, right? Daiyu’s love is in the world of mortals and also outside the world. But in life, it can be regarded as a fate, a kind of happiness, and a kind of beloved!

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