A Flowering Tree

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If waiting is a promise, then I have already made a promise to you! If loneliness is destined to be the companion of this promise, then, in order to realize this promise, I am willing to keep loneliness together. I have always been lonely. However, please don’t have to pity my loneliness. Loneliness is sometimes a good medicine for the soul, which can cure the burning of missing. Perhaps, you don’t know my waiting, but I never regret it. I like waiting for you silently and quietly! Waiting for you! I don’t want to wait for you to give me a hug, even though it is a moment I am longing for; Waiting for you! I don’t want to wait for you and me to be together every year and every month. I know that it is a dream that I never dare to expect. Waiting for you! Just waiting for you to pass by again, waiting for you to give me a gentle look! It was an early spring season, and on a warm afternoon, you came into my eyes. It was you who accidentally passed by my side and woke up my sleeping eyes. What a lovely girl you are! Clean face, sparkling eyes. You hold the camera and take photos of the flowers beside me. You are so focused and clapping with your heart. Your flowery smile makes me ponder. The wind blows up your long hair, and I smell a beautiful fragrance, but you just look at those flowers without noticing my fervor at all. Yes, at that moment, I was burning for you! It’s a pity that my short figure can’t attract your attention, but I feel sincere. I will work hard to grow up. In the spring of the next year, I will grow into a big tree full of flowers, so that you can stop for me for a while when you pass by again. Therefore, I sucked the nutrition of the Earth greedily; I tried to open all the branches and accept the sunshine; I cherished every rain and washed every leaf in the rain. Yes, I want to grow into a healthy and strong tree. I want to bloom fragrant flowers for you. I want to be the most beautiful picture in your camera, I will work hard for your stay around me! After the scorching sun in summer, I experienced the vast desolation of autumn and escaped from the devastation of snow and snow in winter. Finally, another spring came. At this time, I had already grown luxuriant branches and leaves. In early spring, I spit out the flower buds of the first season. The full flower buds inflated my eager expectation, standing on the branch early, waiting for you to bloom at any time! I am calculating the time: when the weather gets warmer, should you go out to take photos? I save all my strength to give you the most beautiful bloom! After another spring rain, the sun is coming! The warmth surrounded everyone, and I also washed every tiny dust on my body, revealing the new Green of vitality. My little flower buds have become flower buds one by one, which will bloom at any time. I silently read in my heart: Dear, come on! Come and pass by me one by one. They were admiring me at the moment they saw me: what a beautiful tree, what a beautiful flower! They all took photos around me and took photos with me, but I was not happy at all because the people I waited for hadn’t come yet. One night after another, you still haven’t come. Where did you go? Have you moved away? I am a little lonely, but I still firmly believe that I will see you again! I still try my best to maintain the best state, for you, to see you! One day, two days, three days and ten days this spring is coming to an end, and if you delay the future, the flower buds I keep for you can’t help opening them again and again. The clump of flowers you photographed beside me has already withered, and many flowers in the garden have also withered. When people passed by me, they couldn’t help admiring: This tree is really strange. There are so many flower buds in this season. It must be a tree with a long flowering period. But they didn’t know that it was me who tried hard to stick to it, because I just wanted to leave the most beautiful bloom to you. The last rain of this spring came, but you still didn’t come. The sunshine next day hurt me. Maybe you won’t come this spring. Waiting for a long time at the moment of collapse, I heard a familiar voice: Mom, look! There is a flowering tree! You came! You are here!!! When there was no wind, my branches and leaves shivered because of my extreme excitement. All my buds bloom in an instant! After waiting, this moment is worth it! But why are you no longer coming here? You were sitting in a wheelchair, and your mother pushed you towards me slowly, near, near! Still the clean face, just a little pale; Still the bright eyes, just a little sad. Mom, this flower is really beautiful, shall we stop here? It’s cold, I ‘d better go back. When your body gets better, we will come again, but that’s it. You didn’t stay with me. After a quick glance, your mother pushed you away from me! At the moment you passed by, you looked back at me. This glance is enough to make me happy for a lifetime; This glance is enough to make me feel distressed for a lifetime! Summer is coming soon! My flowers have already withered since they were in full bloom that day. When the silent autumn wind blew my first leaf yellow, I saw your mother’s lonely figure and tears in her eyes. My heart began to ache violently. I knew that you would never come again and never come again! The autumn wind burst into a tight position and sob. One night, all my leaves were blown away, which was my withered miss. Under the blurred setting sun, only my bare trunk trembled in the wind. Once again, people were surprised by my changes. However, who can understand the bitterness in my heart than this autumn? I am neither afraid of loneliness nor afraid of loneliness, but without waiting in my life, how can I be full of vitality? If you leave, the world is quiet for me. I just want to wither slowly with this autumn. Oh, dear people, please don’t be surprised at my short life. One bloom in my life is enough! It is enough for me to have one comfort from her eyes in my life! Then, goodbye, spring! Goodbye, lovely girl!

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