Pick up meal ticket day

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I always feel that it is necessary to write down those bitter days so as to tell my friends and those who are experiencing the same life as me at that time. That was in normal school days, the school gave us food stamps of 30 Jin per month, but this was not enough for us young men who were growing up. It doesn’t matter if the family’s economic condition is good, but it is indeed an embarrassing thing for children like me who live in poverty in the mountains. As the saying goes: people are iron, and rice is steel. If you don’t eat a meal, you will be scared. I had to pick up the meal ticket for the sake of my belly. Picking up meal tickets is not a glorious thing. Just imagine, they are all peers, and in such an environment, but they have to hook their heads and look around like thieves. Who would like to do it! But for the sake of belly, we have to do this. Fortunately, there were several poor fellows like me in the same dormitory, so we formed a guerrilla to pick up meal tickets at the same time, fighting collectively and distributing equally. There are two places to pick up meal tickets: one is the school movie theater, and the other is the sports activity room. In the movie field, because the classmates loved to eat snacks, the meal tickets were made of hard plastic similar to business cards at that time, which was small in area and easy to slip down when they were paying snacks. During sports activities, when jumping on the horizontal and parallel bars, the meal tickets will disappear, hiding in the corner and waiting for our poor friends. The time for picking up meal tickets is in the morning or after dinner. At this time, there are few people. We pretend to hang out or exercise, and look for them together, until we think there is no second one. Every time, we have more or less gains, and the days slowly slide through our fingers. Indeed, picking up meal tickets is not always a happy return. Sometimes, when you are bending down to pick up the meal ticket and raising your head, you will find a pair of eyes staring at you; Or when you reach out to pick it up, the other hand will also reach over. That scene was really embarrassing. You should know that in such an environment, the psychological defense was the weakest. Later, meal tickets became disposable soft paper, which was not easy to be lost. Therefore, picking up meal tickets was ended, and we had to find another way. Four years of normal life finally passed, and only when I turned back suddenly did I know its haste. When I went to work, I was no longer disappointed about eating, but every time I raised chopsticks, I couldn’t help thinking of that sad and happy day. Yes, what it shows me is not only the fashion of the world, but also how to face life optimistically. Therefore, in the days to come, I often told my friends, colleagues and students the bitter story of picking up meal tickets, not for other reasons, but to win their gloomy smiles, let people around you learn to cherish it.

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