My heart is in the sea

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[Introduction] the heart is as quiet as fresh water, and as soft as fine sand, I am a grain of sand in the sea, silently watching the spray landing, I am a grain of sand in the sea, silently watching the waves hitting the waves.

The heart is like a gauze curtain, folding out a joy and sorrow the heart is like a cotton cloud, floating pieces of passing heart is like sand in the sea, slowly settling a fortress if, parting is sad, then I would rather never meet Ruo, love is used to betray, then I would rather pass it, and get together is a brief preface, then I would rather choose to be lonely. My heart is a grain of sand in the sea, and my heart is a grain of sand in the sea with layers of missing, the lingering silk rain in the bottom of my heart fell down on the summer night of August, which aroused a burst of greetings to the past in my heart. Although the memory was wonderful, it was always the past, I walked into the castle of memory slowly and tasted the feeling of loneliness carefully. The bottom of my heart seemed to be a grain of sand in the sea. I gently picked up the words related to you and watched quietly like this, A drop of gloomy tears flew down. The dark night sky was covered by pieces of dark clouds, and the shadow of the French window seemed so bleak and dim. It approached slowly and slowly, leaving only a gray shadow pacing up and down, looking through the yellow photo album with slender fingers, silently staring at every smile there, but the heart was bleeding like tears of heart. Leaving always drew a good story to an end, gathering together is always the beginning of parting, picking up the wreckage again, as if picking up every drop of blood on the body, thick and red. If you cry because of parting next second, then I would rather stop this second. If that second cries because of breaking up, then I would rather stay at this time. Love will not stop its steps because of tears, you won’t turn back because of your pain. This burst of heartbreak, you can only listen quietly, aftertaste quietly, You can’t talk to anyone casually, because no one knows how long the life is? You can’t talk to anyone casually, because no one knows the story of the next second, learn to find a support at the end of the night, learn to wait in confusion, the heart is like green sand building a lonely castle, the heart is like the sea breeze blowing down all over the ground sad, floating in the middle of the sea, silently looking. Looking at the blank night, he himself in front of the window, with an indifferent smile, pushed open the window of the soul, approached slowly and walked slowly. It turned out that he was so happy that he never wept because of sadness, never because leaving and decadent, spiritual side, 1.1 point into those striking red, empty memory gradually faded that original color, leaving only a wisp of purple terraced rice paddies. The shadow under the purple light is faint, and tears for the past quietly, not because of nostalgia! Not because of grudging! But slowly closed it tightly, locked it in a house called memory, where there was bleak late autumn, where there was bleak night rain, where there was sorrowful notes, waving gently to you, gently say goodbye to you, once again, once again, let me silently look back at the back you are far away from, leaving a drop of tears! Leaving you, there is a kind of loneliness in my heart, leaving you, my heart is not filled with passion, leaving you, my heart is not filled with waves, leaving you, there is no beautiful story in my heart, but I am destined to forget you and separate from you. This is fate, this is a dream after the millennium reincarnation, with tears in my heart, the eyes are red, leaving only a lifetime of no chance to vanish the past. The heart is as quiet as fresh water, and as soft as fine sand, I am a grain of sand in the sea, silently watching the waves approaching the shore, I am a grain of sand in the sea, silently watching the waves hitting the waves, turn around, my shadow ups and downs, turn around, my face is gone, turn around, my smile goes away, like old love songs, passing in the tunnel of time, close the long scroll gently.

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