Passage of Time [piano

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I am a stranger in a foreign land, and I miss each other on festivals. The new year is coming soon. 2012 came so quickly and ignorant. It is not a lie to realize that time flies like an arrow in your busy schedule? No wonder Cao Mengde also sighed with emotion like this:. When drinking as a song, how about life? Such as morning dew, qu ri ku duo. Life is too short. It seems like a dream in two or ten years, but it is more cruel and realistic than dreams. Grew up fled deep Room, Tibetan head xiu jian person. Tears are suitable for other places, suddenly like rain and clouds. Lower your head and color, plain teeth knot lips. When I grow up, my heart becomes wild, and I am ambitious and ambitious all over the world. People also become lonely. The older they grow up, the more lonely they become. Now when I was young, I was wandering outside. A person was like a boat in the sea. After wandering for a long time, I naturally wanted to find a harbor to rely on, let the ups and downs of the heart have a home. Although I haven’t got married yet, I still miss my hometown very much. I have relatives and concerns in my heart. When it was cold, I took it out of my memory backpack and opened the warm picture scroll page by page. It seemed that there was a bonfire burning in front of me, A warm stream is like blood which integrates into body and mind; When you are lonely, open the long-sealed photo album and look at the familiar faces. They are smiling to themselves one by one like flowers, I found that my relatives were still around me and didn’t go far away; When I was suffering, I thought about them who had suffered for us all my life. It seemed that a stream of honey slipped through my heart. Fleeting daylight flies. The clock of time turned so fast. In the past two decades, it passed quietly between talking and laughing, leaving no trace or room to retain. They were very haggle over every ounce and even stingy. Time is money, time is money. How many literati poems at all times and in all countries have ever sighed that time flies like an arrow? But who can retain an inch of time? Most of them just leave empty hatred. Only Li Bai is so optimistic that his life is too short to enjoy in time. When you come from your hometown, you should know about your hometown. In front of the window, is the cold plum blossom? I haven’t returned home alone for more than a year. Love my son is endless, and my family is happy. Warm clothing sewing dense, letters from home ink marks new. When I met her, she felt pitiful and thin, so she asked her bitter taste. I am ashamed of the Son of Man and dare not sigh the dust. Children, you can rest assured to go. At home, you don’t have to worry about. The family could not lock the hearts of the young generation. After a long time, they missed home and missed their parents. They were old, five or six years old, and could not wait for a long time. shao xiao li jia boss back, accent not alter Mane failure. Children don’t know each other, so they smile and ask where the guests come from? The last time I went back home was a year ago, but the place of my hometown had not changed. It was still the same, while people had changed a lot. Old, dead; Grown up, left home; Pregnant, born, the scene of the past floated in front of me: just getting off the car, the cold wind outside was roaring vigorously, while mother and father supported each other, wearing gray old cotton-padded jacket, with their hands in their arms and sleeves stacked, their eyes narrowed into a seam, with hot air, their white hair covered with the vast white snow, looking at the village, my heart was broken. Old, really old. One day without two mornings, time is not coming again. I don’t have time to spare people, so I don’t have the heart to look at it. The more I look at it, the more it seems that there is a knife cutting my heart. Their whole life’s hard work is written on their faces, and the traces of time are also printed on, inadvertently, raising your head is the sky, lowering your head is the Earth, and moving forward is the dream. I really can’t believe this is time? Peeling a living person is like peeling a bamboo shoot until the last layer of body is buried. At this moment, I feel that I want to keep them, let time be eternal, let life not grow old, not die; Old but not die, die and immortal, decay but not destroy, destroy and regenerate,,,,,, it is like the alternation of Four Seasons repeatedly, fixing the time and time at this moment. Is it possible for this life? The reality is always cruel and indisputable fact. It is a knife that cuts the bubble of fantasy into pieces. Men don’t flick with tears, men have gold under their knees. Yes, but when you face a rectangular home in front of you, will you still be like this? Tears once unwilling to fall will flow down at this moment; Knees once never bent will bend at this moment. That tear was the gratitude for their whole life; That time they knelt down was the respect for their whole life. When people get old, the family will become light and indifferent, and their hearts will become missing ,,, all rivers will come back, and they will not gain when they will stop; The tail will drain, I don’t know when it has been, but it is true that the cycle goes round and round. This is life? Thousands of households with snowflakes floating, little by little silently falling into the tile ditch. Only when I saw the clouds at the head of the ridge like a cover, I was shocked by the snow like dust under the rock; Thousands of peaks, bamboo shoots, stones, thousands of jade, thousands of pine trees, thousands of clouds. Miss Dong had already been approaching, looking at the fallen leaves falling through the window, her heart did not know where to go. Loving mother against the door, wandering Road bitter. I only hope everything is fine at home, and I will repay my parents again on the day of returning home.

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