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I had a dream. I dreamed of a large area of plane trees. The warm sunshine scattered on the ground through the cracks of leaves, and the shadows of leaves became mottled under the swaying light. The painted walls, the basketball court circled by the wire mesh, the weathered old rubber track, and the dim yellow street lamp of the dilapidated stadium-this is a drip about the small town. Suddenly I began to recall that small town again and again, and all the sad and happy stories. One day in the future, I said I would remember your appearance. I said if you appeared in front of me in the future, I would surely shout out your name. It was just that I couldn’t remember those scenes because I was so sure that I couldn’t defeat the horizontal knife and broad axe in my memory. -Many years have passed, and many more years are coming. My Miss, endless stay in that summer reluctant to part. Wuhan, bus, Sun, night, how can I recall those unprepared at the airport. The turbulent youth gradually had vicissitudes and innocent colors. Time interlaced and changed the place and time at once. In those years, the scenes had already disappeared in the joys and sorrows of the end, but I still listened to those songs, I still missed the sea, and I still insisted on not forgetting that distant place. The end-result of life is left with wandering around the world. Will you still remember me when I come back here many years later? The attachment and persistence of handwriting are so light that even I can’t afford it. I can’t say something from beginning to end. -The passing of fate gave me a long winter with heavy snow. Snow, freezing. I fell in love with this scenery. In the roaring north wind, I encountered a snow that did not belong to me. Not many people understand this kind of pain. What is left in my life and what is filled in the years, I am at a loss and can no longer give a complete answer. I never thought that my life was so closely related to a snow. The full white flickered in the twilight of the North, which was clear and vanished, and a little trance was unreal. All the past suddenly disappeared without a trace, with panic and bewilderment from the mind. You also remember that time. The sweaty basketball hall, the butterfly flowers outside the windowsill of the classroom, the playground where we count the stars with our eyes closed, the quiet waiting of the fine floral cloth skirt, and the milk tea shop where we watched the football match, the future is just the past. The black and white pictures of memory are lost and scattered in the long winter, leaving endless thoughts. At some moment of a certain year, I crawled on a lonely desk-imagining what kind of story would be in the north. At the beginning, we are all children. But in the end, we are all forgetting….. So unforgettable and prosperous years left me like this. Time is just a dumb play. I wrote this sentence on the title page of my notebook, and everything I said was floating clouds even time. I suddenly began to feel sad when watching old boy. It turned out that I was also their shadow, and there were so many emotions beyond the regret of decadent and sad nostalgia. After many years, will I also remember those days and nights that passed away, and then cry bitterly. The mood written down was given to time. However, I want it, why doesn’t it return me …… I said how far is it to the south of time to the north of time, I said that the dense light year lost the whole city like you, I said that the time being cut into fireworks is to brighten up the prosperity instantly. I said that I wanted to lose you and make me sad. The whispers of words and sentences, the untrustworthiness of fleeting years. From one place to another, it only takes five years, from one person’s heart to another’s heart, but it takes a long life. Just the hollowed-out memories, no trace of waiting can be found any more. Seeing through the scenery, I have been tired and changed my face. Snowflakes are full of desolation and Desolation everywhere. Tall pine trees and poplars stand in the north one after another in the snow, like all the peremptory students, I carried a bag, wore a scarf, an earmuffs and a mask, went through the pine trees, and went through the vast snow and snow to the study room. Like all of them, I lived seriously in this strange city. Opening the calendar day by day, yesterday was gradually out of reach and couldn’t look around. When you pull off the calendar, your heart will feel inexplicably uneasy. The small town I had missed day and night, and the road I wanted to go back was still so far, so far …… on the day of the radio station celebration, a large group of people were wandering in the night in the north. Xiaoyu said that in order to celebrate the complete success of the Taiwan celebration, let’s go to have barbecue. We said it was good and then we went to a delicate shop with great strength. The shop is a typical Northern charm with simple decoration and clean layout. Through the fog-filled window, the street lamp shone our bright faces, which were a group of youthful smiles, as bright as flowers, bright and quiet. Through the cold midnight of minus 20 degrees in the north, the short time of a group of people around the charcoal fire in the shop was hard to forget in my blank memory about this land. That was all my time about being loved in the north. Simple happiness, simple greetings. I am afraid of cold, so I will treasure the warmth. One day, I will come back to you. One day, I will write you a story about the future. One day, I will also give you happiness and fearless courage. This kind of you, I used to be myself. In the face of time, please cherish everyone you meet. This kind of you, I used to be myself. In front of time, please be a clever child in a delicate life. I have known you for a long time. You also remember that time. You must remember. Looking back at the shallow separation, keep each other and cherish each other. Mobei. Write to yourself once. 2010 nian 12 yue

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