Static of distressed

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I don’t know when I started to learn to be alone, to count the pain of memory quietly, and to cry on my face alone. Can you forget you? The time is slowly lengthening. Suddenly, I miss the love dearly and have a dream that has nothing to do with happiness. The quiet night shed tears and embrace loneliness, and then it passes away with the wind, the wound hiding in the corner is like the twining of green vines. Even breathing is painful. Forget all the good or bad, and feel a little distressed about yourself. I have been standing in the place where you hurt me. Butterflies can never fly over the sea forever, accustomed embrace, lonely past and half warmth belong to the desolate season. It’s OK to leave the season of love dearly, listen to the song and hear the next dawn, Dream of the next forever, swirling youth, absurd entanglement, this is just a person’s love dearly, silence together, I want to be a warm and happy woman, try my best to get close to the sunshine, sing softly in the sunshine, forget each other in the distance, be close to happiness once, and want to go to distant places, holding sunflower, 1.1 point of tears, 1.1 point of forget

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