This season, wind

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I always like to walk through the warm streets slowly under the mottled street trees with my hands in my pocket in the evening, accompanied by the light rising stars. I always like to have a soft heart, quiet and serene, in a hurry, looking at the stream of people passing by one by one without any strange feeling. I always like to move forward silently, stepping on the fallen leaves wandering on the road in this season, with empty eyes. I don’t need to look at others, nor do I need to care whether others are looking at myself. I don’t know when the last leaf of autumn will fall in winter. I don’t know when the first snowflake in winter will float down. I only know that sometimes the wind blows, which makes my heart cold. Therefore, as the windows lit up one by one, I felt that the night was falling slowly, and I thought whether the lights exposed from the colorful curtain cracks were waiting for those who left home to return! The night is quiet, enchanted in a vast expanse of night, and harmonious. During these days, I often like to sit by the window and listen to the same song over and over again, put yourself down in an atmosphere of ignorance. In this way, I like to be alone, the slanting which is revealed casually when I am alone, and the fragmentary memories that I remember in the slanting. Everyday, looking at the Elm leaves outside the window, shaking in the autumn wind, seeing its extremely delicate appearance, I really want to stretch out my hands to hold the soft leaves and give it a little pity, but in the end, he didn’t stretch out his hand, because it was born in accordance with the season. Unexpectedly, in addition to sighing, there is no choice but to be invincible. In the deepest part of the world of mortals, who lit those hearts for whom? Suddenly I remembered the novel which had been stranded for several months and had not been finished or uploaded. The fairy tale coming from spring, after the baptism of summer, became a fairy tale in autumn. Since then, the little fox has been sleeping in the forest. When I wrote this article, I felt a lot of feelings just because of love and gentle heart, so I casually named it “gentle tears”. I didn’t know that there would be so many tears left in the cycle of time. I didn’t even know how to write the previous words, so I deleted sections after sections, however, those painful memories cannot be deleted. I no longer have the courage to look through those warm or sad scenes in the fleeting time, nor do I have the courage to recall those parting fragments wrapped in tears. However, I am still used to using words to carve these unforgettable pains from the soul, whether happy or sad. Let the memory of the previous part stay in the boundless pain! I no longer have the strength and courage to read those written stories with tears. However, what did I take to narrate and fill this story, and what did I take to pay tribute to the love and heart in the story that was exhausted and scarred! I don’t remember how long I haven’t laughed, how long I haven’t talked to others initiatively. Apart from the daily working language moving the corners of my mouth reluctantly, it is more through gray lenses, looking at this gray world coldly. I don’t know where the starlight is and whether there is an end there? A fleeting woman, gentle tears, boundless pain 2011.10.21 in Ningbo

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