Spiritual flowers

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Spiritual flowers are just like a tired day bringing sleep, and hard-working life brings pleasant death. Da Vinci, each of us should be humble and kind to the nature. Even a grass, a wood, a flower and a flower can deeply understand the meaning of life. Neighbor A Ying was ill and had been transferred back from Wuhan. Her life was at stake. The unfortunate news was learned by the wife from her friend. The next morning, my wife invited me to the hospital to visit Ah Ying. After having breakfast on the street, I went to the flower shop to buy a basket of flowers. I saw the shopkeeper sprayed some water on the North Korean flowers. The fresh flowers suddenly became more spiritual, more vivid and more vital. After paying, his wife took the flower basket from the old wrench of the store, walked to the gate of the hospital, and saw an acquaintance asking that Ah Ying was in the Sixth Ward on the third floor of the inpatient department. When we opened the door of the disease, there was no one on the three beds. At this time, a doctor came to the corridor and told him that at four o’clock in the morning, Ah Ying stopped breathing and left. God! A few days ago, she greeted me on a motorcycle. Why did she leave in such a hurry? At this time, the sudden news was just like a thunder on a sunny day. It makes us feel trembling, even our souls are shaking fiercely. God is ruthless, flowers are intentional. The basket of spiritually fresh flowers carried by his wife hung her head with tears on her face. At this moment, I wonder if this person is the same as this flower? All have lives. It seems that Ah Ying is these flowers at this moment, and he is alive, as if he wants to say something. I have heard people say that as long as human life is injected into flowers, flowers will have life. Whether it can be inferred from this that if people put their lives on the ground, or throw them to the sky, then there will be life and feelings on the sky and the ground immediately. Therefore, I feel that China and Britain are still alive. She needs it. She likes this basket of flowers with emotion and spirituality. Looking at this basket of late flowers in front of me, it has brought my thoughts far away at this moment. Saying goes: Distant relative cannot feel nearest neighbor, nearest neighbor Miss next door. My family is adjacent to a Ying’s family for more than ten years. I used to live in the same unit. His family is on the fourth floor upstairs, and my family lives on the third floor downstairs. The two families live in harmony and are as close as one family. There are people in the family, and children go to the family to eat and do homework after school. On festivals and festivals, the two families are used to treat each other for New Year’s dinner. Later, the two houses were expropriated and built together. In order to save land, the two houses were only next to one wall. Every time a house is repaired or a barrier is made, it is done together. What outsiders don’t know really think they are brothers! Non-vegetated, Shutai ruthless. The love between neighbors is the purest, which contains human friendship and human affection. Today, she left quietly like this. She was just an ordinary person, just like a drop of water in the vast sea of people, and just like a small meteor in the sky. Life swept past one after another. Therefore, she did not walk like GE Mai threw all her works into the toilet, but she sank herself as miserable; Nor was she as heroic as Haizi lying on the rails with the Bible in her arms; it is not as sad as Ye saining hanging himself in silence. However, Ah Ying actually walked away with her yearning for life, which can be proved by tears hanging on her face during the illness. What made her worried and uneasy was that her white-haired parents gave Qingfa to her; What made her unable to let her go was her husband who stumbled and fell in love with her fellows; the most difficult thing for her was her son who was studying far away. There may be many things that make him miss———. Ah Ying, you can rest assured! I remember a poem written like this: life is like the brilliance of summer flowers, death is like the quiet beauty of autumn leaves. Death is just the flame burning all the heat, and bengbei crystallizes all the pearls. Or Shuizhu, broken in greater purity. Eternity is the bright light between heaven and earth——-. Let this basket of flowers with spirituality and life be with you forever, and it will add brilliance to your splendor.

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