Lonely lock clear autumn

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Light sunshine spread all over the ground quietly. The sky was clean and the light clouds walked freely in the sky with light steps. Looking, looking, the heart was rolling, that inexplicable feeling jumped up from the bottom of my heart. If you can, in this warm autumn sun, you are willing to fly over the distance from the sky for thousands of years or even hundreds of millions of years, find your own paradise.

Thinking of walking gently on the toes in autumn, let the heart fly freely once, even if it is lonely walking. Maybe, beauty will fade in the most beautiful moment after all. Maybe, sadness is the inevitable entanglement of everyone. Many past events seem to have gone, but in fact, some of them have been deeply solidified and grown into knots on trees, and even will continue to grow. Ask you how could run far off, how might throw off?

If the sky is affectionate, the sky is old, and the moon is always round like no hatred. Your heart begins to be inexplicably desolate, and the long-lost sorrow hits your heart. Who can understand those unspeakable loneliness? In the vast world and the vast sea of people, who can heal the sorrow in your heart?

Rolling in the world of mortals, prosperity and decline, that moment of joy, like a dream, eventually not bright. It is said that the beauty is easy to grow old, but it is as fragile as the beauty. In the flowing day after day, those originally full of affection, such as fragile flowers, are gradually getting old.

The soft hair was stained with the dust of years, and the clear eyes were covered with a thick layer of sadness. The low sigh fell into the river behind him, causing a little ripples. You stand alone in the autumn wind and sigh lightly, day after day, year after year, helpless mood, helpless destiny, singing endless sadness in the long song of low back, and keeping the bright and beautiful face in the ups and downs, heart is tired after all, love is weak after all. Countless times of Watch, countless times of regret, will only slowly emerge when leaving, and watch, eventually a classic mental journey will be permanently deposited at the bottom of the water.

Flowers bloom and fall from time to time. Can you decide whether your mood is good or bad? Looking at the continuous autumn water, it flows leisurely in the wind of the four seasons, and the unclear feelings are scattered in the falling petals one after another. Wisp wind, inch tenderness, lying on the years of the river, as time slowly flow through hair, dust 1.1 point covered with eyes, permanent lonely lonely drop soaked mind. Once the sea was hard to be water, except Wushan Mountain was not a cloud, it was not tight to grasp, it was hard to give up, who dared to say that it was a everlasting appointment.

The music is flowing and spinning. The soft melody and long notes make your eyes feel a layer of mist and your heart tremble slightly. You know, at this moment, your heart is occupied by that elf called loneliness. Because, it doesn’t know the power of happiness, it doesn’t know the sureness of satisfaction, it is just like a naughty child who sneaked out to play, forgetting everything, only play cards according to your preference. The lonely spirit is doing such a thing to you.

Perhaps, in fact, sometimes, loneliness has nothing to do with life, and loneliness has nothing to do with personnel. It is just a simple idea in the deep heart. If this is the case, well, let’s enjoy the loneliness once. I am afraid that sadness will spread all over the floor, and tears will flow into rivers.

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